OLED Microdisplay with enhanced Brightness and Color Performance for Imaging and Augmented Reality Applications

Vision & Aim

SCOOP is focussed on high performance microdisplays based on the combination of OLED technology with CMOS technology, and innovative visualisation systems. OLED microdisplays are based on “Above-IC” integration with the principal value chain being located in Europe. SCOOP intends to improve the competitiveness of European industry by helping the industrial partners to maintain and improve their technological advance and to extend their market share by enabling new products. The project will also contribute to strengthen Europe’s scientific and technology base in the field of OLED materials and thin film encapsulation, which can be leveraged for a variety of applications through the institutional partners and the material supplier involved in the project. The project will also provide system integrators with components with outstanding features enabling innovative products like informative eyewear or augmented reality glasses.


Technical focus is on the development of OLED materials and devices with high brightness, high colour performance and high reliability as well as on corresponding thin film encapsulation stacks, in order to bring OLED microdisplays to high end applications like electronic viewfinders, Head Mounted Displays for augmented reality and professional applications. Moreover, by developing a new approach producing colour subpixels without colour filter in a simplified process, we will extend the field of application of OLED microdisplays to systems that require higher luminance for readability even in bright sunlight, like e.g. augmented reality glasses for medical, sports, or logistics.

The partners cover the whole value chain, from research, materials, components to systems. All industrial partners have their main manufacturing sites located in Europe.

The outcomes of the project are not limited to microdisplays but can apply to many OLAE devices like biosensors, small to large size direct view displays, lighting devices, or solar cells.

Project details

Project reference287595
Start date2011/09/01
End date2014/02/28
Overall cost4,908,504 €
Funding3,462,970 €

Further information

SCOOP_factsheets.pdf: Information about the objectives and partners of the SCOOP project.
SCOOP_context-challenges.pdf: Context and challenges of the SCOOP project.

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