SCOOP factsheets & Context and Challenges

09 April 2014

SCOOP_dissemination-kit.pdf: Dissemination kit of the SCOOP project.
SCOOP_presentation-dissemination.pdf: SCOOP-presentation for dissemination.

Publications, Conference Contributions and Exhibitions in 2013/2014

7 April 2014

SPIE, Defense, Security & Sensing conference, Baltimore, April 2013 (conference 8720)

Paper presentation:

Key challenges for affordable see-through wearable display: The missing link for mobile AR mass deployment
Khaled Sarayeddine, Kayvan Mirza (Optinvent)

IDW2013, Sapporo, Japan, Dec 2013

Paper presentation:

Surface structure light guide for See-through, high performance, True AR glasses
Khaled Sarayeddine, Kayvan Mirza (Optinvent)

Invited talk:

Direct Observation of Al2O3 Barrier Film Properties Made by Low Temperature Atomic Layer Deposition onto Fluorescent AlQ3 Molecular Films
Tony Maindron (Leti)

SID Display week 2013

Poster presentation:

ALD-based multilayer encapsulation of PIN OLED: on the stability of the organic layer in 85 °C/85% RH storage conditions

ALD 2013, San Diego (CA, USA)

Oral presentation:

Storage reliability of the electrical calcium test device developed to evaluate the WVTR of a single a-AlxOy barrier layer films deposited by low temperature Atomic Layer Deposition

INMS 2013, Japan

Invited talk:

Thin-film barrier technologies developed at CEA-LETI for OLED-based microdisplays
Tony Maindron (Leti)

New publication

Investigation of Al2O3 barrier film properties made by atomic layer deposition onto fluorescent tris-(8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminium molecular films
Tony Maindron, Thin Solid Films, 2013, 548(2), 517-525.

AWE (Augmented World Expo), June 2013, Santa Clara (CA, USA)

Optinvent had a booth and demonstrated several prototypes (including OLED and Lcos panels).

Glazed Conference on wearable products, Sept 2013, San Francisco (CA, USA)

Invited talk:

Mr Kayvan Mirza (Optinvent CEO) was a invited a speaker. Optinvent had a booth and demonstrated several prototypes (including OLED and Lcos panels).

CES (Consumer Electronic Show), Jan 2014, Las Vegas (NV, USA)

Invited talk:

Optinvent had a booth and demonstrated several prototypes (including OLED and Lcos panels). Optinvent was part of Eureka Park show and got the visit of French Minister of "Economie Numérique", Mme Fleur Pellerin.

Review Meeting - M19

Darmstadt, 18-19 February 2013

Presentation of the demonstrators.

Members of the consortium at the Review meeting in Darmstadt.

First period results

31 January 2013

SCOOP_report_1.pdf: Report about the achieved results until month 15.

New publication

21 July 2012

Stability of 8-hydroxyquinoline aluminumfilms encapsulated by a single Al2O3 barrier deposited by low temperature atomic layer deposition
Tony Maindron, Jean-Yves Simon, Emilie Viasnoff, Dominique Lafond


SCOOP Promotional Video

11 April 2012

SCOOP factsheets & Context and Challenges

09 April 2012

SCOOP_factsheets.pdf: Information about the objectives and partners of the SCOOP project.
SCOOP_context-challenges.pdf: Context and challenges of the SCOOP project.

General Assembly Meeting - M6

Cologne, 13-14 February 2012

Members of the consortium at the general assemby meeting in Cologne.

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